[LIVE STREAM] Multiple Voice One Heart (MVOH) Benefit Concert 萬千聲音眾志一心

Saturday May 23, 2020 - Sunday May 24, 2020

Date: May 23-24 2020 (Hong Kong time)

Program in Cantonese

Included as part of the 25th Festival Accès Asie, the MVOH Anti-COVID-19 Cantonese Opera Benefit Concert will be live streamed from Hong Kong to the delight of fans around the world in four parts.

For every “like” received during the concert and in the month afterwards, the organizers/sponsors will donate $1 (CAD) and $10 (HKD) up to a maximum of $15,000 (CAD) and $100,000(HKD) respectively to the following beneficiaries: PCHC-Museum of Migration Society in Canada and The Wong Yue Sang Scholarship Foundation at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Program Details in English: www.pchc-mom.ca
MVOH: https://www.facebook.com/MultiVoicesOneHeart/ (Facebook Page)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM4xMFiV_lfskxqq1JNddSw/  (YouTube)