Say What Your Longing Heart Desires: Women, Prayer and Poetry in Iran

Saturday October 23, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
Online Event

Poster design by Farzan Kermani

سلسله سخنرانی‌های ایران‌شناسی و فارسی‌پژوهی علیرضا احمدیان

هر چه می‌خواهد دل تنگت بگو: زنان، نماز و شعر در ایران

سخنران: دکتر نیلوفر حائری، استاد مردم‌شناسی، دانشگاه جان هاپکینز

طرف‌بحث: مهتاب سیردانی، دانشجوی دکتری انسان‌شناسی اجتماعی و فرهنگی، دانشگاه بوستون

دکتر نیلوفر حائری در کتاب اخیر خود با عنوان «هر چه می‌خواهد دل تنگت بگو: زنان، نماز و شعر در ایران»، در گفتگو با گروهی از زنان، تحلیلی قوم‌نگارانه از عبادت (اعم از دعا و نماز) و آنچه می‌توان برای این منظور از شعر کلاسیک آموخت ارائه می‌دهد. دکتر حائری در این سخنرانی با ارائهٔ مباحثی از این کتاب، به این موضوع می‌پردازد که عوالم دعا و شعر چگونه در کنار هم قرار دارند و این همزیستی از چه جهت حائز اهمیت است.

In this lecture, Dr. Niloofar Haeri will present ethnographic analysis of what it is like when we pray (both do’a and namaz) and what we can learn from the reception and memorization of classical poetry in the daily lives of a group of women. How do the worlds of prayer and poetry live side by side and what is the significance of this co-existence?

Guest Speaker:

Niloofar Haeri is Professor of anthropology and Chair of the Program in Islamic Studies at Johns Hopkins University. She is a Guggenheim fellow (2015-2016). She has done research on Egypt and Iran. Her most recent book is Say What Your Longing Heart Desires: Women, Prayer, and Poetry in Iran. It just won one of the American Academy of Religion awards in 2021.

Say What Your Longing Heart Desires: Women, Prayer, and Poetry in Iran by Niloofar Haeri


Mahtab Sirdani is a PhD candidate in sociocultural anthropology at Boston University. Her research focuses on Muslim Iranian migrants in North America. She holds a masters degree from Harvard Divinity School where she specialized in religion, literature, and culture. She has presented in several venues including the Institute on Culture, Religion & World Affairs (CURA) where she was a fellow during 2019-2020 academic year.


About the Alireza Ahmadian Lectures in Iranian and Persianate Studies: Alireza Ahmadian (1981 – 2019) was an enthusiastic researcher, a consummate socio-political analyst, and an opinion leader on foreign policy who nurtured the virtues of diplomatic dialogue and liberal democracy. Alireza was a proud and devoted UBC alumnus, supporter of UBC’s Department of Asian Studies, and beloved member of Canadian-Iranian Community. The department renamed this lecture series in his honour in 2019. Alireza’s friends in the community have provided funding to support this series, and this generous gift will see these important academic and community engagement events supported through to the end of the 2025/2026 academic year. Read More …
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