Graduate tuition is assessed as an annual program fee, which is divided into three equal installments due at the beginning of academic terms starting in September, January and May.  This fee is the same regardless of how many course credits the student is registered in.

Fees, including tuition, program, course, special, and student society fees, are approved by the Board of Governors following consultation with students and are subject to change.

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International students may be eligible for International Tuition Awards of up to $3,200.00 that are applied to assist with their tuition fees if they are registered full-time in a master program. Students are eligible as long as they are not recipients of external scholarships or external funding that pays their tuition. More at

To receive the International Tuition Award, students need to hold a valid Student Authorization (study permit) and may not be holders of major scholarships. Students who receive external funding (i.e., from their home government, Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship, or other funding agencies like CIDA, WUSC, DAAD, etc.) for their tuition in an amount equal to or higher than the value of the International Tuition Award are not eligible. Students who receive external funding toward their tuition in an amount lower than the value will have their International Tuition Award reduced by that amount.

The University reserves the right to change fees without notice. For more information please see the information provided on International Tuition Awards on the following web-sites:,266,773,0