2023 Japanese Language Program Writing Contest – さくぶんコンテスト

UBC Japanese Language Program is holding an essay and short fiction contest for all students who are enrolled in the 2023 Winter Terms. Students who took Japanese courses in the past are also welcome to join the contest! The objectives of the competition are to encourage creativity through writing in a newly learned language and to give students opportunities to encounter different ideas and ways of thinking.



Open to UBC students who:

  • are enrolled in JAPN courses in the 2023-2024 Winter Terms
  • took JAPN courses in the past

There are two categories to enter:

Category Level Characters
Junior JAPN 100s and 200s 500- 600
Senior JAPN 300s and 400s 900-1000
  1. Format: An essay or short story on the theme.
  2. Theme: ありがとう (Give your own title).
  3. Entry must be created using the template (click HERE to download), saved as a single pdf document, and submitted HERE.
  4. Entry must be typed (12pt, MS Mincho) and include your full name in Japanese and English.
  5. Entry must not exceed the maximum number of characters and must not include tables, photos, pictures, etc. (Punctuation marks will be counted as characters. The title of your writing, your name, etc., at the top of the template will not be counted.)
  6. Entry must be your original writing (AI is not eligible to participate in the contest).
  7. Entries will be judged on originality, clear expression of ideas and effective use of the language.
  8. Winners will be announced in January 2024.
  9. The names of the winners and their work may be published on the website of the Department of Asian Studies.

Prize: Prizes will be presented to the 1st to 3rd place winners in junior and senior categories

1st place: A Certificate and Gift Card $100

2nd place: A Certificate and Gift Card $50

3rd place: A Certificate and a gift from the Japanese language program

Deadline: November 20, 2023, 11:59pm (PT)

Please follow the file naming convention: Last name_First name_Category_Format.pdf

Example: Chen_Lisa_Junior_Essay.pdf

If you have any questions or wish to enquire about the contest, please contact Tanaka sensei at kaori.tanaka@ubc.ca.