A Timely Message from the Cave

Dr. Dagmar Schwerk recently released her book A Timely Message from the Cave: The Mahāmudrā and Intellectual Agenda of dGe-bshes Brag-phug-pa dGe-’dun-rin-chen (1926–1997), the Sixty-Ninth rJe-mkhan-po of Bhutan, which she developed out of her dissertation.

Her book addresses the long-lasting debate about the Mahāmudrā doctrine and meditative system that was first elicited through Sakya Paṇḍita (1182–1252)’s systematic critique in the thirteenth century. Not only has Dr. Schwerk made the positions of eminent Bhutanese Drukpa Kagyü masters between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries from the Drukpa Kagyü school accessible to English-speaking readers but she has also provided an in-depth analysis of the Mahāmudrā interpretation by the Sixty-ninth Chief Abbot of Bhutan Geshe Drapukpa Gendün Rinchen (1926–97). Furthermore, she documented and discussed the life of this renowned Buddhist master from the Drukpa Kagyü school on the basis of Tibetan autobiographical and biographical sources and his collected works in ten volumes.

Click here to read a Q&A interview with Dagmar about the book-writing process at the UBC Himalaya Program website.

Below is a link to the media kit which provides further information on the publication:
A Timely Message from the Cave – Media Kit