An Evening of K-Pop Dancing, Games, Food, and Fun: The Third Annual K-Pop Dance Event

For the third consecutive year, UBC’s Korean Language and Culture Program held the annual K-Pop Dance Event on November 10th at the Asian Centre Auditorium. The event was organized and led by Korean Language Program students, gathering a group of 60 attendees for a night of dancing and fun games.

Along with the support from the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Vancouver, the Department provided delicious Korean food and gifts to all attendees and wonderful prizes to all game winners.

To kick off the event, our MC, Carley Degeer, introduced our student dance instructors, Christina He and Yanny Lam, who led the dance class portion of the night. They taught the choreography to Jungkook’s “3D,” bringing energy to the auditorium and creating a friendly learning environment for everyone.

After the dance class, attendees took a break, chatting with each other and enjoying a traditional Korean kimbap dosirak. Following the brief intermission, dance instructors Christina and Yanny, with their K-Pop cover dance group Zonic, brought cheers to the room with a performance of IVE’s “Baddie.”

Shortly after, participants organized into teams of 5 for a K-Pop Choreography Quiz. This game featured UBC Korean and Culture Professors Eurie Shin and Jeong Hye Son, along with Korean Consul Chanwook Kim as dancers. The three were presented with a visual of popular K-Pop point choreographies which they would have to mimic and follow for players to guess the song and artist to which the choreographies belong to. Many students had fun watching their professors strike the stage. In the end, we had three groups win first, second, and third place claiming their prizes of K-Pop albums, photocard holders, and Starbucks gift cards!

The final game of the evening was a classic Random Play Dance. Participants took center stage of the auditorium, showcasing their knowledge and stellar dance skills for popular K-Pop hits such as NewJeans’ “Super Shy,” Hwasa’s “Chilli,” and (G)-Idle’s “Queencard.” The segment ended with six prize winners chosen by UBC Korean Language and Culture professors and Consul Kim Chanwook.

MC Carley wrapped up the event with notable thanks and mentions to staff, volunteers, sponsors, and attendees who helped make this year’s K-Pop Dance Event possible. The community of K-Pop listeners and dancers at UBC who came together this evening to enjoy Korean culture, music, food, and games marked yet another successful K-Pop Dance Event for the books!

Check out the event recap video below!

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Photos by: Evens Wong and Catherine Liang
Written by: Evens Wong