Asian Studies Eco-Challenge

The Asian Studies Sustainability Initiative Committee is excited to launch the first departmental Eco-Challenge! Open to all Asian Studies graduate students, faculty, and staff, this month-long event has fun weekly activities to help the Asian Studies community connect to nature and to each other. There will be an Eco-Challenge Celebration taken place on Thursday, June 2 at noon in the Asian Centre!

The Eco Challenge works as follows:

The event uses a points system with prizes awarded to those with the most points at the end of the month, at a wrap up celebration on June 2. We will be emailing details of each week’s preassigned challenges one week in advance. Each week will have a group event hosted by the committee and nine other individual Eco tasks. These tasks are worth a varying number of points and can be completed anytime during the week or can be carried over to the next weeks. Participants receive a link to track their progress for the activities by submitting a weekly survey. A leaderboard will be updated each week to show who’s in the lead!

Update: On May 31, the Asian Studies Sustainability Initiative Committee completed their very first Eco-Challenge. Congratulations to the three top-scorers (see leaderboard below) and a huge thank-you for everyone’s participation.

Eco-Challenge Leaderboard

(Last updated: June 3, 2022)

Cumulative Overall Leaderboard

Rank Name Title
1 Carol Lee Communications Officer for the From the Ground Up Project
2 Eurie Shin Lecturer of Korean Language
3 Lilian Higashikata Graduate student

Photo highlights of the weekly activities

Pacific Spirit Park hiking on May 4

Pacific Spirit Park hiking on May 4

UBC Botanical Garden visit on May 11

UBC Botanical Garden visit on May 11

UBC farm visit on May 18

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