Asian Studies scholars presented at 2021 Association for Asian Studies Conference

The Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference took place online March 21–26, 2021. Eighteen Department of Asian Studies scholars presented out of a total of thirty UBC presenters. Congratulations to the six current Asian Studies PhD students who were included on the program and had the opportunity to present their research.

Haley Blum
Panel organizer and presenter, “Preaching to Plants: Entertainment and Religious Education in Two Otogizōshi Tales”

Sai Diwan
Presenter, “Digital Watching in the Time of Covid-19 India”

Tae Yeon Eom
Presenter, “From a Kingdom to an Empire: The Ritualistic Transformation of Nineteen-Century Korea in a Global Context”

Shota Iwasaki
Presenter, “Evolving Voices: National Language, Vocal Music, and Speech Therapy in the Japanese Colonial Empire”

Atsumi Nakao
Co-presenter with Asian Studies faculty member Dr. Ayaka Yoshimizu, “Reactivating Tamura Toshiko’s Minor Transnational Feminism through Letters as Criticism”

Jiaqi Yao
Presenter on roundtable “Revisiting the Revolution: Engaging Chinese Scholarship through Collaborative Translations”

*The Japan-related presenters have been featured on the Centre for Japanese research website here.