Event Recap: The Second Annual Cantonese Fun Night (2019)

On Friday, November 22nd 2019, over 150 students from various courses in the Cantonese Language Program spent their evening surrounded by music, food, and movie entertainment with their instructors and teaching assistants.

The three-hour event kicked off with karaoke and mahjong, a great way to socialize. Students from different courses connected through the love of Cantonese pop music. The highlight of the event was the ultimate potluck, in which 50+ dishes meticulously prepared by students were presented. Everyone cast their votes for their favourite dish. Three groups of students were awarded the Master Chef title.

The award ceremony was followed by the screening of A Home with a View, a comedy film with Cantonese humour. Instructors, teaching assistants and students enjoyed the movie together and left the night happy making new friends and forming stronger bonds.

The 2nd Annual Cantonese Fun Night provided opportunities for students from the beginning and intermediate classes to mingle and share their passion of Cantonese learning. We would like to thank all faculty members and teaching assistants, whose joint efforts made the event a great success again.