New Approach to Furniture Procurement and Disposal

To reduce waste and carbon emissions in the Asian Studies Department, we are adopting a new approach to furniture procurement and disposal, prioritizing second-hand and circular practices. reuse-it! UBC is an online warehouse for UBC employees to find and dispose items ($1000 or less), such as furniture, office supplies, and more.

Using reuse-it! promotes a culture of reuse at UBC, and helps the department save money, maximize utilization of assets, and reduce the number of items sitting in storage.

Before purchasing or disposing items, please complete the Furniture Request form to specify what objects you would like to acquire/get rid of. The administrative assistant will provide support in listing and searching for items on reuse-it!, managing all furniture requests. The department will cover all costs for purchasing, trading, and moving secondhand items, excluding brand-new furniture.

Quarterly moving dates will be announced for collecting large office supplies and furniture from offices. Requests to move items within or out of the building can also be submitted via the Furniture Disposal and Request form. 

More Zero-Waste Marketplace Resources at UBC

1) Furniture Reuse Program: Donate surplus furniture from UBC Faculty and Departments. Resold and rehomed within the UBC campus community. Contact for donations or to acquire items.

2) Zero Waste Market: Open every Wednesday, 12-2 pm, Ponderosa Annex E Room 127. Features used furniture and office supplies for home and office use at low/no cost. Contact Rachael Donovan, Reuse Initiative Coordinator, at for inquiries.