New entry about Buddhism in Bhutan in the Database of Religious History (DRH) by Dr. Dagmar Schwerk

Tango monastery near Thimphu, Bhutan. Photo credit: Dagmar Schwerk, November 1, 2014

We are delighted to share Dr. Dagmar Schwerk’s detailed entry, “Drukpa Kagyü School (Bhutan),” in the open-access Database of Religious History (DRH) at UBC. DRH received the largest grant to date for a single research project in the UBC Faculty of Arts with a $4.8 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation to support the DRH from 2021-2024..

The entry covers the Bhutanese Drukpa Kagyü school from the seventeenth century onwards. It introduces into the history, practices, beliefs, institutions, and social aspects of this religious group and also provides ample resources for scholars working in the field of Bhutanese Buddhism.


About Dr. Dagmar Schwerk

Dr. Dagmar Schwerk is the Khyentse Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Tibetan Buddhist Studies and UBC Himalaya Program Steering Committee Member. Before she joined UBC in 2018, she studied Tibetology, classical Indology, and political science and completed her Ph.D. in Tibetan Studies at the University of Hamburg in 2017. Her current research addresses identity- and nation-building processes in eighteenth-century Bhutan. She teaches courses about Tibetan and Himalayan Buddhism and history as well as Tibetan Buddhist literature and book culture including community-engaged and experiential learning components.