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ASTU 202 (Canada, Japan and the Pacific: Political, Economic and Geographical Perspectives) takes an interdisciplinary approach to examine core geo-political, economic, and social forces that shape transpacific culture. Special attention will be given to the relations between North America and East Asia, and within East Asia.

The Asia-Pacific today is the world’s most dynamic region in terms of economic growth and has enormous influence on the transformation of socio-economic conditions and culture in North America. This is remarkable given the century of displacement and conflict that preceded the region’s late 20th century economic boom.

At the same time, unresolved issues of imperialism, colonialism, and wars continue to haunt the present transpacific world and grassroots efforts to decolonize the region keeps resurging albeit often neglected. This course interrogates the conflicted dynamism of this region, examining its history of military and socio-economic activities and its implications for the present and future transpacific cultures and relations. Specific topics vary from year to year, but include histories of colonialism in North America and Asia, transpacific migration and wars, and contemporary globalization of Asian popular culture and how it has been re-shaping Vancouver as a gateway to Asia-Pacific.

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