New Publication of Hindi and Urdu Poetry by Gurinder Mann

Congratulations to Gurinder Mann, our Lecturer in Punjabi Language and Culture, on his new publication Khiyaalon Ka Savera (The Morning of Thoughts)!


Khiyaalon Ka Savera (The Morning of Thoughts) is a book of Hindi and Urdu poetry, written in the Devanagari (Hindi) script. The poems refer to diverse subjects, and use a variety of literary tools to exemplify emotions on various topics.

About Gurinder Mann

Born and raised in England, Gurinder grew up surrounded by UK Bhangra Bands, many of whom further fueled his innate passion for Punjabi culture. He completed his Bachelor’s degree at UBC, where he later returned to earn a Master’s degree in Asian Studies. He has a vast interest in romantic folktales (qisse) written in poetic form, and is particularly fascinated with the story of Hir Ranjha, on which he completed his thesis. Besides his excellence in Punjabi language, literature, and culture, Gurinder is highly knowledgeable in Hindi-Urdu language as well as South Asian Film, and has taught courses in those areas at UBC. Furthermore, he is a published poet.