PERS 100 Basic Persian I

Watch below for a course introduction by the instructor, Dr. Hessam Dehghani!


Course Description

This non-intensive Persian course is for non-heritage students with no prior knowledge of language (zero beginner) and culture. The course aims to develop students’ language skills to those associated with ACTFL’s Novice-mid level (Novice Mid-Novice High). In accordance with NSFLEP’s World Readiness Standards (2017), this class aims to facilitate cultural encounter, foster independent learning catered for 21st century learners. Students are given a chance to develop their communication skills, as well as intercultural and interdisciplinary competence while establishing connections with target language communities.

Learning objectives

Curriculum Connection

As part of the general curriculum theme of “An Exchange Student in Iran,” from Novice low to Novice mid, we would focus on topics and communicative functions that are more familiar, concrete, and personal.  These topics, include: Identity and biographical information about oneself and one’s family. This will include introduction, jobs, the country and place of origin, the place where one works or lives. Description of place or things in place.

Course objectives

While Reading and Writing ability would be limited to literacy and alphabet at this point, we will focus on interpersonal, communicative and cultural competence to the extent that by the end of the semester students can

  1.  introduce themselves and their family members to their classmates using a mixture of practiced or memorized words, phrases and simple sentences in written (formal and informal, e.g. social network chat) and spoken conversations.
  2. exchange greetings with people and gain an understanding of different customs and variety of modes of greeting in the Persianate world.


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