PERS 104 Persian Reading and Writing for Persian-Speaking Students

Watch below for a course introduction by the instructor, Dr. Hessam Dehghani!


Course Description

This non-intensive Persian course is designed for heritage students whose level of speaking and listening skills is intermediate but have minimum or no reading and writing ability. The course aims to develop students’ speaking and listening skills to those associated with ACTFL’s Advanced Level. Plus, the innovative “Interactive Story-listening” technique will be applied to teach literacy and reading. The course involves weekly Persian show screening, interview with native speakers and community projects.

Learning objectives

Curriculum Connection

As part of the general curriculum theme of “An Exchange Student in Iran,” from Novice low to Novice mid, we would focus on topics and communicative functions that are more familiar, concrete, and personal.  These topics, include: Identity and biographical information about oneself and one’s family. This will include introduction, jobs, the country and place of origin, the place where one works or lives. Description of place or things in place.

Course Objectives

By the end of semester students develop literacy from the beginner level to intermediate. They will be able to read different genre from informal chats to literary works at intermediate level. Also, they can participate with ease and confidence in conversations on familiar topics. Students can handle social interactions even when there is an unexpected complication. They can talk about events and experiences in various timeframes with ease and confidence. They will be able to describe people, places, events and things. They can also narrate events and memories and integrate them with descriptions. Students will be aware of formal and informal, spoken and written varieties of Persian and will become sensitive to the interference of English in their speech.

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