UBC Cantonese Got Talent 2015

On December 5, 2015, which was the last day of Winter Term I, the first ever Beginning Cantonese Course 301 at UBC celebrated the student achievements with a talent show “UBC Cantonese Got Talent 2015”. The event held at the Asian Auditorium was attended by the 30 plus students and friends, as well as teachers and special guests Carl Kwan of the UBCanto Club, PhD candidate Zoe Lam of the Linguistics Department, and YouTube Cantonese sensation Carols Douh on the judging panel.
CNTO Got Talent 1
The show was hosted by student emcees Aastha Pandey (Nepal), Mabel Tang (Malaysia), and Liam Watson (Canada). After Asian Studies Department Chair Professor Ross King’s opening speech, the 8 groups of students showcased their impressive Cantonese skills and creative talents in various forms including poem, martial arts, songs, drama, and films. Then Carlos entertained the audience with games and prizes followed by a presentation on his own experience in learning Cantonese and making it big in Hong Kong and on YouTube. The event ended with awards given out to the performances of the audience choice and the judges’ choice, as well as best class presentations during the school term. Congratulations to the students of Cantonese and we look forward to seeing even greater success in the coming months!
CNTO Got Talent 2