(a) Sir Parashuram-bhau College, University of Poona, B.A., 1962. (b) University of Poona, M.A., 1964. (c) Harvard University, Ph.D., 1970.

Service in professional and learned societies:

(a) Founder, Canadian Association of Sanskrit and Related Studies, Secretary-Treasurer and Newsletter editor for most years. (b) Member, Consultative Committee, International Association of Sanskrit Studies, 1978-present. (c) Sectional Chairman, South Asia, and member Board of Directors, American Oriental Society, 1980-85. (d) Member Board of  Governors, Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, 1985-90.

Academic or professional awards and distinctions:
(a) American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship, 1973-74. (b) Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung Fellowship, 1973–74 (declined), 78-79, 98-99, 2007. (c) Canada Council = later Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, leave fellowships and research grants. (d) University of British Columbia, Senior Killam Fellowship, 1978-79, 1987-88. (e) Visiting professor at Hamburg, Harvard, Rome, Kyoto, Paris and Oxford. (f) Invited to apply for Dean’s position at McGill, Concordia, and University of British Columbia. (g) Honoured as Vidya-sagara by Samskrta Mandakini Association, New Delhi at the 10th World Sanskrit Conference, 1997, and as Vyakarana-prabhakara at the 18th International Congress of Vedanta, 2008.

Professional service and experience: 
(a) Speaker and producer on topics of Sanskritic interest, All India Radio, Poona/Pune, 1959-65, 1988, 1993. (b) Associate Editor of the Sanskrit periodical Íåradå, 1959-65. (c) Invited lectures at most institutions recognised as seats of Indological studies: Harvard, Oxford, Paris, T¥bingen, Heidelberg, Gøttingen, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Rome, Kyoto, Tokyo, Seattle, Varanasi, Poona/Pune, Madras/Chennai, Mumbai, Tirupati,  Baroda, etc. (d) Read papers frequently at the International Congress of Orientalists, Annual meetings of the American Oriental Society, World Sanskrit Conferences, International Congress of Vedanta, etc.

(a) Books: Appå-ßåstr^ såhitya-sam^kΩå, 1965; Sanskrit: an Easy Introduction to an Enchanting Language,1992, with many reprints; The Theory of Nipatas (Particles) in Yaskaæs Nirukta, 1999. Linguistic Traditions of Kashmir (with Mrinal Kaul), 2008. (b) More than 90 research articles and 19 long reviews, in the Journal of the American Oriental Society, Wiener Zeitschrift der Kunde Suedasiens, Indo-Iranian Journal, Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute., Adyar Library Bulletin, etc. (c) About 56 poems, light essays, editorials, etc. in Sanskrit and Marathi in Bhårata-vå∫^, Íåradå, Saµsk®ta-pratibhå, Ekatå etc.  About 18 books, with 12 of them concerning Bhartr-hari, a grammarian-philosopher, within range of completion. Several articles that would ultimately change some of the paradigms of Indological research are in the press or will soon be sent for publication.

(a) Tutor in Sanskrit and Pali, 1962-63, S.P. College, Pune. (b) Lecturer in Sanskrit and Pali, 1964-65, Fergusson College, Pune. (c) Teaching Assistant in Sanskrit, summer 1967, University of Illinois. (d) Instructor in Sanskrit, summer 1968, Michigan State University. (e) At the University of British Columbia as assistant (1969), associate (1973) and full professor (1981) of Sanskrit and related studies. Head, July 1, 1980-June 30, 1985. M.A. and Ph.D. theses supervised: several. Visiting professor at six world-class universities (see below).