Fuyubi Nakamura (MSc, DPhil, Oxford, 2006) is a socio-cultural anthropologist and curator. She is Curator, Asia at the Museum of Anthropology (MOA), and is also an Associate Member of the Department of Anthropology at UBC. She specializes in the anthropology of art, museum studies, and material and visual culture studies. Fuyubi has taught in these fields at the University of Oxford, the Australian National University and University of Tokyo, and curated exhibitions internationally prior to joining UBC in 2014. She regularly gives lectures in Asian studies, art history and anthropology courses at UBC.

Fuyubi’s research interests include material and visual cultures with special interest in Japan and its diasporas in Argentina and Brazil; India and Tibet as well as contemporary art, photography and the relation between memory and objects in the aftermath of the 3/11 disaster in Japan. She took a leave from academia following the disaster, and was involved in relief/recovery activities in Miyagi, and continues to do research in Tōhoku. More information about her projects and publications: https://ubc.academia.edu/FuyubiNakamura

Recent works include:

  • Traces of Words: Art and Calligraphy from Asia (Vancouver, Berkley and London: Figure 1 & The Museum of Anthropology at UBC, 2017). Awarded the 2018 Canadian Museum Association Award of Outstanding Achievement in the Research – Art category.
  • (In)visible: The Spiritual World of Taiwan through Contemporary Art (Vancouver: The Museum of Anthropology at UBC, 2015)
  • Asia through Art and Anthropology: Cultural Translation Across Borders, co-edited with Morgan Perkins and Olivier Krischer (London and New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2013). Awarded the 2014 Best Anthology Prize by Art Association of Australia & New Zealand.
  • “Memory in the debris: The 3/11 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami” in Anthropology Today (2012 June), Vol.28, Issue 3.