Major Research Interests

The author of Blooming and Contending: Chinese Literature in the Post Mao Era (1985) and The Iron House: A Memoir of the Chinese Democracy Movement and the Tiananmen Massacre (1990) and editor of Contemporary Chinese Literature: An Anthology of Post-Mao Fiction and Poetry (1985), Modern Chinese Women Writers: Critical Appraisals (1989), and Worlds of Modern Chinese Fiction: Short Stories and Novellas from the People’s Republic, Taiwan and Hong Kong (1991). He is currently translating the works of Su Tong and other writers in preparation for a study of Chinese fiction from 1985 to the present.


Ph.D. (U.C., Berkeley) — Chinese language and literature

Publications (sole author)

1985 Blooming and Contending: Chinese Literature in the Post-Mao Era (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1985). 302 pp. Chinese literature from late 1977 through spring 1984.

1990 The Iron House: A Memoir of the Chinese Democracy Movement and the Tiananmen Massacre (Salt Lake City: Peregrine Smith Books, 1990). 160 pp. Eye witness report and analysis of 1989 Democracy Movement in Beijing.

Refereed Articles

2004 “American-Chinese Relations and the Taiwan Question,” in Professor Leo Liu, ed. Taiwanese Polity in the Twenty-first Century: Politics and Culture in a Global Context, Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, (February) 2004. For promotional information, see

2000 “Everyday Resistance to Postmodernism,” in Tamkang Review (Tamkang University, Taiwan) Vol. XXX, No. 3 (Spring 2000), 5-48.

1993 “Thoughts on Politics and Critical Paradigms in Modern Chinese Literature Studies,” Modern China (Vol. 19 No. 1, January 1993), 41-70.

1993 “Past, Present, and Future in Mo Yan’s Fiction of the Eighties,” in Ellen Widmer and David Der-wei Wang, eds., From May Fourth to June Fourth: Fiction and Film in Twentieth Century China (Harvard University Press, 1993), 43-70.

Courses Taught

CHIN 410 – Twentieth-Century Chinese Short Story
CHIN 412 – Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature
ASIA 502 (B)
ASIA 514 (A)
ASIA 570 (B)