PhD, Department of Sociology, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
MA, Social Science, University of Colorado (US)
BA, Social Science, Middlesex University (UK)


Sunera Thobani is Associate Professor in the Department of Asian Studies and the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, University of British Columbia. Her scholarship focuses on critical race, post/colonial and feminist theory; globalization, media, citizenship and migration; and Muslim women and the War on Terror.

Academic and University Service:

* Director, Centre for Race, Autobiography, Gender and Age (RAGA), UBC

* Faculty Mentor, RAGA Undergraduate and Graduate Student Networks, UBC

* Founding National Committee Member, Researchers and Academics of Colour for Equity (RACE), Canada

* Coordinator, Postcolonial and Critical Race Feminist Theory Network, Liu Institute, UBC

* Status of Women Committee, UBC Faculty Association

* Graduate Studies Advisor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, UBC

* Member, Coordinating Committee, GRSJ

* Member, Graduate Program Committee, GRSJ

* Member, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, CWAGS

Organizer / Co-organizer of Academic Events:

* Pre-Conference Workshop, ‘From Genderwashing to Ethical Solidarities’, Annual Conference of the International Feminist Journal of Politics (US)

* ‘Terror, Occupation, Partition: Making Meaning of Post/Colonial Violence: A Film Series’, UBC

* Imperialism, Feminism and Violence: Multifaith Perspectives on Women’s Resistance, UBC

* Women for Peace: Multifaith Perspectives, UBC & SFU

* Curating/Creating Memory, Symposium for exhibit, Museum of Vancouver

* ‘Social Justice Praxis: Theory, Research and Activism on Campus and in the Community’, Series of Symposia, UBC

* ‘Commemorating 100 Years of South Asian Presence in Canada’, UBC, Vancouver, and Surrey.

* ‘Islamophobia: Implications for Global Health’, UBC

* Asian Connections, Centre for Research in Women’s Studies and Gender Relations, UBC.


Photo taken by Fatima Jaffer


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* Razack, S., M. Smith and S. Thobani (eds.) States of Race: Critical Race Feminism for the 21st Century.  Toronto: Between the Lines (2010


Select Refereed Journal Articles:

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Select Book Chapters:

* ‘From Native Informant to Diasporic Activist: The Gendered Politics of Empire’, Diasporas Reimagined: Spaces, Practices, Belonging, Sigona, N., A. Gamlen, G. Liberatore and H. L. Kringelbach (eds.) Oxford Diasporas Programme: Oxford Department of International Development. (2015) 185-189

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