The Korean language program in the Department of Asian Studies is one of the fastest-growing language programs at UBC.


The Korean language program caters primarily to non-heritage learners at the lower levels, but more ambitious learners should enroll in the upper level courses. Beyond just the linguistic competencies of reading, writing, listening and speaking, the program offers courses in Korean history and literature.

Serious students who want to speak Korean and learn the Korean alphabet are encouraged to take advantage of study abroad opportunities in South Korea at Ehwa Women’s University, Korea University, Yonsei University or Seoul National University.

Placement Tests

All incoming students who wish to take any Korean (KORN) course are required to complete an online placement questionnaire to obtain a placement approval for registration, unless you are one a returning UBC student who has successfully completed a Korean prerequisite course.

Once you’ve completed the online placement questionnaire, you will receive one of two possible next-steps:

1) If you receive a certificate for a specific course, you don’t need to attend the interview. You can register for the course at any time.

2) You will be asked to attend an in-person placement interview to determine your appropriate course level. You must attend your interview before the first day of class.

You must complete the online placement questionnaire before you come to the interview, and register for the course that you think will fit best to save your spots (course info is detailed at the bottom of this page).

The interview schedules are the same for those who need an interview for the course placement and language requirement exemption. All interviews are walk-in only. Do not send an email to make an appointment.

All online interviews will be conducted on Zoom. Please have your webcam, microphone and student ID ready.

  • Once you enter the meeting using the provided link, click “Participants” in the control bar at the bottom of your screen. Hover your mouse above your name, and you will see the option “More”. Click it and select “Rename”.
  • Enter the time you enter the meeting room as your screen name. Please do not write your personal information, including your student number, because anyone who enters the room can see your screen name.
  • If you don’t see anyone in the meeting room, then it means the interviewer is meeting with another student in the meeting room. Please wait where you are, and you will be moved into the meeting room by the order of your arrival, as displayed in your screen name.

All times are Pacific Time (Vancouver local time). The schedule may be changed in case of the interviewer’s emergency.

Different Zoom links are created for each interview session. Please check the date and time, and join the correct Zoom meetings.


Tuesday August 25, 10-11PM (Night)

June 29, July 6, July 13, 2020

Meeting ID: 916 3237 3979

Password: KORN


Saturday Sept 5, 10-11AM (Morning)

Meeting ID: 690 0596 3018

Password: KORN


Sunday Sept 6, 8-9PM (Night)

Meeting ID: 687 0235 7627

Password: KORN


Tuesday Sept 8, 10-11AM (Morning)

Meeting ID: 640 7891 9441

Password: KORN


Wednesday Sept 9, 2-3PM (Afternoon)

Meeting ID: 688 4952 5115

Password: KORN


KORN 102 (6-credit) is our beginning level course for absolute beginners. You might not qualify for this course if you have some knowledge, maybe casually learning from friends or using apps. Please check our textbook from and see if you understand most of it. If you feel comfortable skipping this level, you can register for KORN 200. When you try to register for KORN 200, the system will give you a warning about missing prerequisite, but you can ignore this message and still enrol. Whichever course you choose to register for, you must have an interview in July or August and get an approval from Eurie Shin.

KORN 200 (6-credit) is our second-year course for those who completed KORN 102 (receiving over 60% from the final grade) or those who have an equivalent level of proficiency (and received an approval from an interview with Eurie Shin).

KORN 301 (3-credit) and 302 (3-credit) are our third-year course for those who completed KORN 200 (receiving over 60% from the final grade) or those who have an equivalent level of proficiency (and received an approval from an interview with Eurie Shin). You must take KORN 301 first and then 302.

KORN 410A (3-credit) and 410B (3-credit) focus on translating Korean short stories while learning Korean literature. This course will remain blocked by the request of the instructor. If you want to register for the course, please email Eurie Shin ( and have an interview in July or August. You may take 410B first, and then take 410A.

KORN 420 focuses on reading Korean texts from the 15th and 18th centuries. Non-heritage speakers should have completed KORN 410 or be taking it concurrently. Heritage and native speakers of Korean welcome. If you are interested in this course, but don’t meet the prerequisites, please contact Dr Ross King at

For all questions specifically for Korean courses (KORN) please email Eurie Shin directly at should include your full name and student number in the title. If your inquiry is about a certain course, add the course code in the title as well. You may experience delays if the email title convention is not followed.Please allow between 2 -5 business days before sending in another email with the same inquiry.