Registration Guide for Japanese Language Courses

Students are responsible for registering themselves for course(s) appropriate for their levels and there is no need for an interview or placement exam for most students. To ensure that you enroll for an appropriate course if you do not need to attend an advising session, please read the Registration Categories below carefully. Any student who does not follow the procedure may be removed from the course at the beginning of term upon a background check conducted by the instructor. Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

Registration Categories

No advising or placement exam necessary


UBC continuing students New students:
College transfer students
New Students:
High School
New Students:
with no prior
Japanese language background

UBC continuing students in Japanese

Students who have already taken and successfully completed a modern Japanese language course at UBC should proceed to register for the next level course(s). Students are strongly recommended to take the following pairs of courses consecutively in the same academic year.:
JAPN 160/260, JAPN 100/101, JAPN 200/201, JAPN 360/361, JAPN 320/321, JAPN 322/323,
JAPN 400/401.

College transfer students with Japanese language transfer credits

(equivalent to JAPN 100, 101, 200, 201, 160, 260, etc. at UBC).
Enroll in the next higher level. See Description of Courses for prerequisites. Please bring record of UBC transfer credits and previous transcript on first day of class.

New students who have studied Japanese at high school

  1. a) New students who have taken Japanese 9 and/or 10, or Beginners’ (Introductory) Japanese 11 in secondary school.

JAPN 100 (Non-intensive, Term 1, 3 credits /JAPN 101 (Non-intensive, Term 2, 3 credits) or
JAPN 160 (Intensive, Term 1, 6 credits) / JAPN 260 (Intensive, Term 2, 6 credits).

  1. b) New students who have taken Japanese 11 (not Beginners’ Japanese11), but have not taken Japanese 12 in secondary school.

JAPN101 (Non-intensive, Term 2, 3 credits).

  1. c) New students who have taken Japanese 12 in secondary school.

JAPN 200 (Non-intensive, Term 1, 3 credits) / JAPN 201 (Non-intensive, Term 2, 3 credits) or
JAPN 260 (Intensive, Term 2, 6credits).


  1. a) All secondary school students whose parent(s) speaks Japanese must attend one of the advising/placement exam sessions, regardless of your level of prior studies. See below for details.
  2. b) All secondary school students MUST bring their secondary school transcripts on the first day of class.
  3. c) Those who have taken Japanese 12 but want to take JAPN 100 and/orJAPN 101 for review need to get special approval from their instructor and WILL NOT BE GRANTED ANY CREDITS for those courses since Japanese 12 is considered the equivalent of JAPN 100 and JAPN 101 at UBC.


New students with no prior Japanese language background

Enroll in one of our two streams of beginner courses:

  1. a) Intensive: JAPN 160 (Term 1, 6 credits) /JAPN 260 (Term 2, 6 credits) or
  2. b)Non-intensive: JAPN 100 (Term 1, 3 credits) / JAPN 101 (Term 2, 3 credits).

**Please note that JAPN 160/260are strongly recommended for students intending to major in Japanese.