Sustainability Committee

The Asian Studies Sustainability Committee was created in Winter Term 1 in order to bring sustainable practices to the Asian Studies office, classroom and even students’ homes, and help us make the department more eco-friendly. This is partly made possible by an $800 Workplace Sustainability Grant which we were delighted to receive.

Look out for our section in each issue of The Update with sustainability tips, events and news!

We welcome questions, requests or suggestions via email – get in touch any time, or complete our survey.


Start the New Year clean!

This short article has 20 New Year resolutions to make 2021 greener. You can follow all of them or choose just a couple – no change is too little!

A Year of Sustainability

Keeping in line with item #16 on the list: “Only buy second-hand clothing in 2021”, committee member Anika curated this off-and-online thrift store guide to find your next thrifting destinations!


In February 2021 we held a Zoom event and discussion themed around this award-winning documentary about a new geological epoch brought on by human activities. We highly recommend viewing this film at any time (it’s available to anyone with a UBC CWL account through Kanopy).

Gardening Time!

Have you always wanted to start a garden, but do not know how? A guide from our member, Vicky, is here to help, and it is full of resources for beginning and experienced gardeners!


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