Resources for Taking Action at UBC

Read about what resources UBC has to allow individuals to take on climate action, such as by learning more about the climate crisis, facilitating climate friendly research, and more. (2023)


Handbook on Climate Change and Air Travel

The Handbook on Climate Change and Air Travel explains the impact of business air travel and provides suggestions for how to reduce associated emissions.


Air Travel Decision Tree

The Air Travel Decision Tree developed by UBC Library help guide decisions around air travel.


Zero Waste Event Guidelines Checklist

The Zero Waste Event Guidelines Checklist created by UBC Sustainability provides a check-list to go through when planning event logistics. (2023)


Further Information on the Zero Waste Guidelines Checklist

For further details and resources about the Zero Waste Event Guidelines Checklist, check out this complementary website. (2023)


Event Planning Guidelines Checklist

The Event Planning Guidelines Checklist addresses a number of aspects to consider for a sustainable event. (2023)


Sustainability Event Planning Guide

The Sustainability Event Planning Guide produced by the UBC Sustainability Ambassadors suggest environmentally friendly factors to consider in event planning. (2015/2016)


Sort It Out Guide

The Sort It Out guide explains about waste sorting at UBC: why do it, and what waste goes where. (2023)


UBC’s Recyclopedia

UBC’s Recyclepedia provides an A-Z listing of what can be recycled or composted on campus, and how to recycle items.


Mindful Consumption Guide

The Mindful Consumption Guides provides a list of resources available at UBC for reducing personal emissions and waste. (2023)


Gold Standard Marketplace

Gold Standard Marketplace, supplier of Gold Standard carbon offsets explains how carbon credits work and what carbon offset projects are available for purchase. (2023)


University Neighborhood Association (UNA) Green Depot

The University Neighborhood Association (UNA) has a Green Depot site in Wesbrook Village where any UBC cardholder can drop off their waste items such as flexible plastics, clothing, and used light bulbs. See their hours of operation on their website, and the waste wizard tool that outlines how best to dispose of any item of interest.

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