UBC Asian Studies Class of Fall 2022 Graduates Yearbook

To the graduating class of Fall 2022,

The UBC Department of Asian Studies heartily congratulates you on the completion of your degree in Asian Studies from the University of British Columbia! We are extremely proud of you – an impressive achievement and hard-earned success overall!

To celebrate you, we composed this “UBC Asian Studies Class of Fall 2022 Graduates Yearbook” page featuring some of our graduates who shared their perspectives on Asian Studies and thanks for those who supported their academic journeys.

Fall 2022 Graduates Yearbook

Doctoral degree

Specialization: Chinese

Thesis title: A fortress in turbulent seas: Mao Wenlong and his military organization in wartime Northeast Asia (1621- 1638)

Supervisor: Leo Shin

Master’s degree

Specialization: Korean

Thesis title: Becoming “Red Children”: the literacy movement among Soviet Koreans in the Russian Far East, 1922-1937

Supervisor: Ross King

Specialization: Japanese

Thesis title: An analysis of Amerika shinwa: manuscript circulation and epistemological background in early modern Japan

Supervisor: Christina Laffin

Specialization: Japanese

Thesis title: The origins of modern Japanese children’s literature: Meiji dogs and American earls

Supervisor: Sharalyn Orbaugh

Specialization: Japanese

Thesis title: When machines long for human warmth: Nier: Automata and the player-game relationship

Supervisor: Colleen Laird

Bachelor’s degree

Major in Asian Area Studies

As a soon-to-be graduate of Asian Studies, the top one thing I will take from this degree is allowing me to think in different perspectives. Learning about different Asian countries allows me to engage with different culture and people around the world.

A huge thanks to my family for the huge support that allowed me to attend university with lots of love and financial support. Also, the Professors from the Department of Asian studies provided massive academic knowledge for me to learn from.

Major in Asian Area Studies

I think the importance of Asian Studies is that it helps us gain a better understanding of the political pattern among Asian countries and gives us a different perspective on several issues that exist between different Asian countries.

I want to thank my parents who had always supported me and my classmates and friends who have always helped and encouraged me when I had difficulties in my studies.

Major in Asian Language and Culture (Japan)

Major in Asian Area Studies

Major in Asian Area Studies

Nothing, but Everything.