Warning: Climate Change Is Increasing the Likelihood of Another Pandemic

Warning: Climate Change Is Increasing the Likelihood of Another Pandemic

Since the break of this pandemic, 514,975,396 people have contracted COVID-19 and there have been 6,240,940 related deaths. Even though this terrible tragedy is not over, researchers are already warning that climate change is increasing the likelihood of another pandemic.

Worst Carbon Emitters?!

We love our beautiful homeland. Sadly, it is reported that Canadians are among the world’s worst carbon emitters. We can do better! The May Eco-challenge organized by the Asian Studies Sustainability Initiative Committee helps show how small but meaningful changes can make a big difference to the environment. Let’s reduce carbon emissions to make our homeland beautiful forever!

The peaks as seen from the Yellowhead Highway and Skeena River (by Newfoundlandguy)

Sustainability Education Grants

The Sustainability Education Grants program provides funding for Vancouver faculty members looking to advance and diversify sustainability education opportunities for students across campus in all disciplines. The funding supports curriculum development centred on transformative learning that incorporates experiential, applied and/or interdisciplinary sustainability education principles. We encourage applications that look to inspire and empower students in the themes of Climate, Biodiversity, Resilient Communities and the Circular Economy. Applications are now open for funding of up to $10,000 per year, for up to two years. Apply by May 16.