Ph.D, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto
M.A., Department of Asian Studies, UBC
B.A., School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London
Assistant Professor, IAR, UBC
Other academic activities Winter 2008-09
  • Roundtable moderator: “The Transmission of Affect and Value in East Asia”, Workshop on “Affects and Markets in Contemporary East Asia”, SimonFraserUniversity, May 2009.
  • Discussant & chair, “Politics and Meaning in Everyday Life: Class Labels, Psychotherapy and Religious Practices”, BC China Scholars’ Symposium, 2009 (SimonFraserUniversity), March 2009.
  • Panel Convenor, “Translation and the Canon”, Translation and Authority Workshop, Peter Wall Institute, March 2009.
  • Member, organizing committee, and panellist, Dialogue on the Asia-Pacific Gateway Initiative, February 2009.
  • Panellist, Centre for Japanese Research, Workshop on Japanese Centres in North America, Autumn, 2008
  • Consultant,Chinese art and culture, Dorling Kindersley Publishers, 2008.
  • Panel Organizer,“Circumstantial Evidence: Living Law in Ming and Early Qing China”, Association for Asian Studies, Atlanta April 2008.
Academic & University Service
  • Director, Centre for Chinese Research, IAR, 2004 –
  • Member, Sessional Faculty Task Force, Asian Studies, 2008 –
  • Compiler & editor of CCR web pages for new IAR website 2008.
  • Member, Renditions Editorial Board 2007 –
  • Guest editor, Renditions, special volume on violence in Ming and Qing literature, Nov. 2008.
  • IAR representative, UBC Asia Open House (Asia Voilà!) organizing committee, 2009.
  • Chair, IAR Liaison Committee
  • Chair, IARBuilding Committee
  • Member, IAR Equity Committee
  • Member, IAR Teaching Committee
Organizer / Joint Organizer of CCR Events
  • Joint organizer, Conference: “Politics, Memory, & Dissent: May Fourth, June Fourth, and Beyond”. May 2009.
  • Joint Organizer:“Forum on the Sichuan Earthquake and the Burmese Cyclone: Observations, Reflection, and Actions.” May 2008.
  • Main organizer,Workshop on,“Staging the Beijing Olympics: Visions, Tensions, & Dreams.” May 2008.
  • Organizer, Brown Bag Lunch Seminars, Centre for Chinese Research, 2007-2009.
  • Guest editor, Renditions. Vol. 70 (Nov. 2008): Violence in Ming and Qing Literature. (Editor’s Introduction: “Writing (And Reading) Violence”, 5-12).
  • Introductory note to “Shang Sanguan”, by Pu Songling, translated by Catherine Swatek, Renditions. Vol. 70 (Nov. 2008), 59-61.
  • Introductory note to “The Cold and the Dark: Extracts”, by Pu Songling, translated by C. D. Alison Bailey and Bonnie S. McDougall. Renditions. Vol. 70 (Nov. 2008), 65-67.
  • “Reading Between the Lines: Representations and Containment of Disorder in Late Ming & Early Qing Legal Texts”. Ming Studies. Forthcoming, Fall 2009.
  • A Shield for a Pillow: A Cultural History of Filial Revenge. Book manuscript in progress. Under contract to Brill, due December 2009.
Translations (from Chinese to English)
  • Extracts from Chs 3-5 from Pu Songling’s “The Cold and the Dark” (17th century); in Renditions Vol. 70, 2008, co-translated with Bonnie S. McDougall. 68-88
Reviews / other
  • Review of Revolution of the Heart: A Genealogy of Love in China 1900-1950, by Haiyan Lee. Stanford, CA.: StanfordUniversity Press, 2007, in, The China Quarterly, March 2008 (no. 193), 197-198.
Conference and Workshop Papers
  • “History, Trauma, and Evasion: The Politics of Forgetting in “The Knot” and “SummerPalace” “. Centre for Chinese Research, IAR, Spring Workshop: “Politics, Memory, and Dissent: May, Fourth, June Fourth, and Beyond.” May 2009.
  • “On the Margins of Empires: Canada, Taiwan, Education, and Global Citizenship. A Think Piece.” College of Social Sciences, NationalChengchiUniversity, Taipei conference: “Globalization: Democracy, Institutions and Change.” June 2009.
  • “The Sichuan Earthquake: An Overview”, Forum on the Sichuan Earthquake and Burmese Cyclone: Observations, Reflections, and Actions, May 2008, Institute of Asian Research, UBC.
  • “Living Law and Changing Times: Wang Mingde’s (fl. 1674) Meditations on the Law”, AAS Atlanta, April 2008. (Part of panel entitled, “Circumstantial Evidence: “Living Law in Ming and Early Qing China”, organized by Alison Bailey).
Winter 2018

ASIA325 Hong Kong Cinema Sections

A survey of the cinema of Hong Kong from the post-war period to the present. The influence of Hong Kong on global cinema, and the forces (artists, studios, audiences, etc.) that have given rise to filmmaking styles and genres perceived as "distinctively Hong Kong."

Winter 2018

ASIA341 Classical Chinese Literature in Translation Sections

Poetry, historical and philosophic prose writings and the earliest genres of fiction in classical Chinese (ca. 1100 BC ca. 750 AD).

Winter 2018

ASIA355 History of Chinese Cinema Sections

Introduction to the work of major directors.

Winter 2018

ASIA451 Modern Chinese Authors in Translation Sections

Study of one influential modern Chinese author, such as Lu Xun, Shen Congwen, Eileen Chang, Yu Hua, Mo Yan, or Wang Anyi.