Placement Tests

ALL incoming students who wish to take ANY CHIN, CNTO, or CLCH-titled courses are required to complete an “On-Line Placement Questionnaire” to obtain a placement approval for registration. Students without the approval will be removed from the class. To get your placement approval, please go to

Please note the following

If you have any concerns about your placement result, please email or drop by for in-person placement interview.

For email, your email title should include FULL NAME and # STUDENT NUMBER, e.g. Robert Smith, #12345678. If you are concerned about your eligibility for a certain course, add the course number at the end, e.g. Robert Smith, #12345678 CHIN233. You can expect to hear back within 48 hours during regular teaching days. During peak registration days, please allow up to 5 days before sending in another email with the same inquiry. You may experience delays if email title convention is not followed.

Please note, if your question is specifically about CNTO courses, please email Mr. Pai directly at

For in-person placement interview, please see the upcoming interview dates and time below. Please sign up for a time slot at

An advisor will place you into an appropriate level/course directly based on your background and proficiency level by the end of your interview. However, after class starts, a course instructor has the right to move the student to a different level/course upon further review. A student can also request to be placed at a different level/course after class starts should he/she finds the course to be inappropriate for his/her level.


Date Time Location
May 12, Friday 2pm-4pm Auditorium Annex B #215
May 15 Monday 9am-3pm Auditorium Annex B #215
May 16, Tuesday 2pm-4pm Auditorium Annex B #215
June 19, Monday 2pm-4pm Auditorium Annex B #211
June 20, Thursday 2pm-4pm Auditorium Annex B #211
July 4, Tuesday 9am-3pm Auditorium Annex B #211
July 5, Wednesday 2pm-4pm Auditorium Annex B #215
July 20, Thursday 10am-2pm Auditorium Annex B #215
August 14, Monday 2pm-4pm Auditorium Annex B #215
August 25, Friday 2pm-4pm Auditorium Annex B #215
August 31, Thursday 2pm-4pm Auditorium Annex B #215


If none of the time above works for you or there are no more available time slots, please email with your available time slots and we will try to accommodate that.


To be exempted for Chinese Language Proficiency, students must take the HSK exam. For the new HSK test, you must attain a Level 3. For the information about the HSK test schedule, please visit this website

Students who must attend an advising/placement exam session:

a) students who have a parent (or both parents) who speaks Japanese (including those who have studied or are currently studying Japanese at high school, heritage language school,etc., regardless of the level of their prior studies);

b) students who have studied Japanese elsewhere but do not have transfer credits; and

c) students who have spent considerable time (one year or more) in Japan.

If you do not fall into the above categories you will probably not require a placement exam and should follow the Registration Guide for Japanese Courses to find out which course to take.

For inquiries, please contact Ms. Ihhwa Kim at

ANNOUNCEMENT: A new online Japanese Language Placement Exam is now available for those
who need to take the Placement Exam. You can self-enroll in the exam and should take the exam *before* attending an advising/placement interview session.

Self-Enroll Instructions for Students

Besides writing the online exam, you * must* attend an advising/placement interview session. Based on the results of both the online exam and the interview, you will be given a recommendation regarding course(s) that are most appropriate for your level. Students will be seen on a drop-in basis. No appointment is necessary.


Date Time Location
May 15 Monday 2-4PM Asian Centre 604
June 5 Monday 2-4PM Asian Centre 604
July 4 Tuesday 2:30-4PM Asian Centre 604
July 24 Monday 2:30-4PM Asian Centre 604
September 8 Friday 4-6PM BUCH-A201
September 11 Monday 4-6PM CHEM-D200



Date Time Location
September 11 Monday 4-6PM CHEM-D200



1) To ensure that you register yourself in a course appropriate for your level, you should make every effort to attend an advising session/placement exam before your registration date.

2) Although a recommendation will be given by an advisor on the advising/placement exam days listed above, a student may be placed at another level at the discretion of the course instructor after classes have begun. In such a case, a space will be guaranteed in the appropriate course.

3) If you are unable to attend any advising session or take a placement exam during summer, you should try to register into a course which you think is most appropriate for your level. However, in such a case, if you are referred to another course at the discretion of the instructor at the beginning of term, a space will not be guaranteed.

4) A set of textbooks for the Japanese 100 and 200 level courses are reserved at the Asian Library for your reference. You may also consult Course Descriptions for information on textbooks.

For any questions regarding a student’s level in Hindi-Urdu and for proper placement, please email Julie Vig at

If you are looking to use Hindi Urdu to fill your Arts Language requirement please contact:

For any questions in regards to a student’s level in Indonesian, please email Dr. Tom Hunter at thomas.hunter(at)

Placement interviews are required for students who wish to take ANY Korean language courses for the first time at UBC. Please see the upcoming interview dates and time below. Interviews will take place at Room 214, Auditorium Annex B, 1924 West Mall. Please fill out the placement interview questionnaire and bring it to the interview. No appointment is necessary. Students will be placed into the appropriate course after the interview on a first come, first served basis after the interview as long as there are available spots. When the course is close to full, we will determine who should get spots based on the Department of Asian Studies waitlist policy.

Please note that attendance in all class meetings is mandatory during the first week of classes, and students with absences will lose their spot in the course.

Previous students who have already taken and successfully completed a UBC Korean language course do not need to be interviewed. Any student who does not follow the procedure will be removed from the course.

For further inquiries, please contact Eurie Shin by email at


Friday May 12, 3-4pm
Friday May 19, 3-4pm
Friday May 26, 3-4pm
Thursday June 1, 3-4pm
Thursday June 8, 3-4pm
Friday June 16, 3-4pm
Wednesday June 21, 3-4pm
Thursday June 29, 9-10am
Monday July 3, 9-10am is cancelled in observance of Canada Day 
Tuesday July 4, 9-10am
Monday July 17, 9-10am
Monday August 7, 9-10am is cancelled in observance of BC Day
Tuesday August 8, 9-10am

Tuesday September 5, 9:30am-11:30am
Wednesday September 6, 10am-noon

The schedule is subject to change in case of emergency of the interviewer, so please check the schedule the day before the scheduled date to confirm.

If you are out of town or country can cannot make it to the interview during Summer, please download and fill out the placement interview questionnaire (saved as word document) and send it to Eurie Shin ( Four spots in each section of KORN 102 will be saved for those who are out of town, and will be given to them when they come to the interview in person during the scheduled interview time on September 5 or September 6. Your record will be filed in the order of receipt, and those who send their questionnaire first will have priorities. No online interviews can be offered to secure your spots, and you should come to the interview in person.

If you already had a UBC placement interview previously, and haven't learned any Korean since then (thus your proficiency level hasn't changed since the last interview), you don't need to do the interview again. If you have been approved to take Beginner's Korean (KORN 102), please email Eurie Shin (, and inform her which section you wish to take when the course schedule of the term you are interested in is posted. If there is an open spot available, you will be guaranteed a spot even before your registration date starts. The course will remain blocked, and all students will be manually added to the course. If you received an approval to take higher courses (KORN 200, 301, 302, or 410), you can register for the course on your own. If you get a warning message regarding prerequisite not having met, please ignore it since the approval after the interview is considered equal to having taken prerequisites.

Students are not required to take placement interviews for Persian.

Students wishing to enter courses in Punjabi language will be interviewed by the instructor on the first day of class.

Please see appropriate pages under the Courses & Languages listing for more information on any of these subjects.