Prospective Supervisors

You are welcome to contact our professors in your field of study if you need assistance with your research proposal or like one of them to act as your supervisor.



Modern and Pre-modern Literature (modern prose, pre-modern prose, poetry, drama, film, and popular culture)

Dr. Alison Bailey – Pre-modern Chinese Literature
Dr. Kay Duffy – Early and Medieval China
Dr. Duanduan Li – Chinese Applied Linguistics
Dr. Edward Slingerland – Chinese Thought, Philosophy and Religion
Dr. Christopher Rea – Modern Chinese Literature, Culture and Cinema
Dr. Bruce Rusk – Pre-Modern and Early China
Dr. Renren Yang – Contemporary Chinese Literature, Media, and Popular Culture

Pre-modern history
Dr. Josephine Chiu-Duke – Chinese Intellectual History
Dr. Leo Shin – History of later imperial China / History of Hong Kong (Joint appointment with the History Department)

Modern and Pre-modern Literature (modern prose, pre-modern prose, poetry, art history, popular culture)
Dr. Christina Laffin – Classical Japanese
Dr. Hyung Gu Lynn – Korea and Japan, Modern and Contemporary history, Popular Culture
Dr. Joshua Mostow – Pre-Modern Japanese Literature
Dr. Sharalyn Orbaugh – Modern Japanese Literature and Popular Culture
Dr. Christina Yi – Modern Japanese Literature

Pre-modern History, Thought (philosophy and religion)
Dr. Nam-lin Hur – Premodern Japanese history (medieval to early modern) and Japanese Buddhism (medieval to 1945)
Dr. Peter Nosco – Japanese History and Culture
Dr. Jessica Main – Late Medieval to Contemporary Japanese Buddhism


Korean Language Pedagogy, Korean Linguistics (historical linguistics, sociolinguistics), Korean Diaspora Studies

Modern Literature and Translation, Pre-modern, and Early Modern History, Religious History, Popular Culture
Dr. Donald Baker – Korean History and Civilization (Master’s students only)
Dr. Bruce Fulton – Korean Literature and Literary Translation
Dr. Ross King – Korean Language and Literature (especially pre-modern)
Dr. Hyung Gu Lynn – Korea and Japan, Modern and Contemporary History, Popular Culture


Dr. Jinhua Chen – East Asian Buddhism
Dr. Jessica Main – Modern Southeast Asian and Japanese Buddhism, Buddhist Ethics


Religion, Pre-Modern International Relations and Contemporary Society in Asia
Dr. Rumee Ahmed – Islamic Studies
Dr. Nam-lin Hur – International Relations in Pre-modern East Asia (15th-19th centuries)
Dr. Tsering Shakya – Tibetan Studies


South Asia:
Modern and Pre-modern Literature, History, Religious History
Dr. Harjot Oberoi –  South Asian Social & Religious History
Dr. Adheesh Sathaye – Sanskrit Literature and Folklore


In special cases, PhD degree programs can be arranged jointly between Asian Studies and other departments. For those interested in the Interdisciplinary Program, please contact the Interdisciplinary Studies at

Dr. Anne Murphy – Punjabi Language, Literature and Sikh Studies.  Accepts students through the Interdisciplinary Studies at *Note: Dr. Murphy is not accepting students in Year 2020-21.

Other UBC Faculty with Interests in Asian Studies:
Those interested in Asia-related modern history, political science, commerce, economics, geography, fine arts, anthropology or sociology, should apply to the department concerned.