Department Waitlists

Due to the demand for our courses we have a wait list for classes that are full. Please sign up for the waitlist section of the course:

waitlist Asian studies

We do not take phone call or email requests. If you do not see the course or section listed please e-mail us (asian.studies(at) and we will add it.

For wait listed students please note the following:

  1. Courses are blocked once they become full, this prevents anyone from registering so please do not see us to ask why you have been blocked. We have blocked all registration in that course not just yours.
  2. The waitlist works on a priority basis; if seats become available they are given to students who have declared either an Honours, Major, or Minor in Asian Studies, 4th to 1st year.  This is followed by students outside of the Department by registration date.
  3. Students will be moved into the class automatically as seats become available  please check the SSC to confirm your registration.
  4. We will be moving in students off the waitlist and into the course once per day, if you see a space available in the course that means we have either not moved in students today, or that someone has dropped the course after we’ve moved in students and that seat will not be assigned until the next day.
  5. In most cases the waitlist will no longer be active on the first day of class and the course will be unblocked to allow for registration. Please check the course listings for an open spot.
  6. Some instructors request their courses to remain blocked even if it is not full. If that is the case, students must directly speak with the instructor.
  7. The waitlist will no longer be monitored once classes begin.  In certain cases, courses may remain blocked – in that case, please go to class and speak with the instructor if you are interested in a spot. The office cannot place you into a course without the approval of your instructor.
  8. If you have any further questions please contact
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